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Devolutions Online Drive




The Online Drive stores and synchronizes your remote connections and credentials online. You can access your sessions from anywhere via an Internet connection.


Prior to creating your Online Drive data source you will need to create your Devolutions Online account.


It is an online file storage service dedicated to a single file type, Remote Desktop Manager´┐Żs connection list. Online Drive is completely free and has no limitations as to how many sessions you might have, it is for single users as you will not be able to share files.


Please consult topic Online Drive for information on this service.






Devolutions Online Drive - Connection

Devolutions Online Drive - Connection





Enter the name of the data source.

Use default Devolutions Cloud credentials

Disable this option to manually enter your Devolutions Cloud credentials. The Use default Devolutions Cloud credential is not yet available in the current version of RDM IOS but will be in the next release.


Enter your Devolutions Cloud account email address.


Enter your Devolutions Cloud account password.

Always ask for password

Always ask for the password when connecting to the data source.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password, it will redirect you to the Devolutions Cloud web page to reset your password.

Create a new account

Create a new free Devolutions Cloud account.

Test Connection

Test the connection with Devolutions Online Drive to validate if the proper information has been provided.


Indicate the filename used to store the data on the data source.


Advanced Settings


Devolutions Online Drive - Advanced Settings

Devolutions Online Drive - Advanced Settings




Disable reveal password

Disable the reveal password feature when a user access this data source.

Allow offline mode

Allow the data source to be used in Offline mode, select between:

None: Prevents an offline cache from being used.

Read-Only: Session data can be browsed and launched while not communicating back to the data source.

Always ask master key

Always ask for the master key when connecting to the data source.

Auto refresh

Set the interval to use between each automatic refresh.

Service type

You can select your service type between:


Web service client

Web API client