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Remote Desktop Manager for iOS uses MariaDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL. It is only supported in the Enterprise edition.



You will be able to connect to MariaDB and save your data source but you will not be able to create one. Your MariaDB data source will have to be created using a desktop client like Windows or Mac.







MariaDB - Connection

MariaDB - Connection





Enter the name of the data source.

Host name

Enter the name of the server where the data source is stored.


Enter the username to access the host server.


Enable the Editable option if you wish to create your Data Source without filling the User and Password fields.

Save password

Save the password within the data source. You will be able to open your data source without being prompted for the password every time.


Enter the password to access the MySQL server.


Name of the schema on the MySQL server for the utilization of Remote Desktop Manager.


Advanced Settings


MariaDB - Advanced Settings

MariaDB - Advanced Settings




Offline mode

Allow the data source to be used in Offline mode, select between:

None: Prevents an offline cache from being used.

Read-Only: Session data can be browsed and launched while not communicating back to the data source.

Caching mode

Determine how the entries will reload in the data source. See Caching Mode topic for more information.

Auto refresh

Set the interval for the automatic refresh.

Connection timeout

Waiting time before a connection timeout.

Command timeout

Waiting time before a command timeout.

Ping online method

Indicate the prefer ping online method.

Auto go offline

If the ping online method fails the data source will automatically go offline.

Disable lock

Disable the option to lock the data source automatically. You can still lock the application but you won't be prompted for the data source password if this option is disabled.